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Who am I?

  • Experience of running Embroidery Business in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • I experienced OLD WAYS to get customers.
  • I also experienced NEW WAYS to get customers.

What are the OLD WAYS?

Go to meetups, join communities, door knocking, paper ads, etc.

I have to advertise my business. So, way I look, my phone, and business card were my sales tools.

Mostly PUSH marketing

What are the NEW WAYS?

(This changed my business.)

My website advertise my business. Google and Instagram are my sales tools.

Mostly PULL marketing.

Now, all I have to do is close the deal when customers contact me.

Genesis of my NEW WAYS discovery

My story as Embroidery Business Owner

Beginning – Good Days – Bad Days – Worst Days – Best Days

What I learned

(in Embroidery Business)

  • People love to work with small but local businesses.
  • Returning Customer Rate is high in Embroidery Business.
  • Getting new customers are the key to success.
  • There are so many garage businesses.
  • Location did not matter than I thought.
  • I cant do PULL marketing only. 
  • Online presence is way more important than I thought.
  • Online customers already know what they are looking for. They just want to know if my business is real and pricing.
  • Google and Instagram are way powerful sales tool than I thought.

This is how I did it

to get new customers.

  • Build a website
  • Run Google Ads
  • Google Search Engine Optimization
  • Run Instagram Ads

How can I help you? 

I can provide the same service to your embroidery business.

What makes my service different?

I am still actively running embroidery service business in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am embroidery business practitioner.

Will we be competitors? 

What I learned was embroidery customers want local business who they can meet face-to-face or ask for rush orders. Otherwise they just need to order overseas or go with big companies. Embroidery service customers prefers local.

We are NOT your franchise. We want to be your PARTNER.

  • We DO NOT take percentage of your revenue like franchise.
  • We will help you to get actual customers.
  • We DO NOT train you once, and leave you alone  to survive on your own. We will be your Advertising Agency that helps you get more customers.
  • We will manage and optimize your Sales Page to have more customers for you.
  • We want to manage your online advertising to have more customers for you.
  • We want to grow with you.
  • We will manage your Ad Spend efficiently, so your return is greater than your ad spend.
  • When we do a good job delivering traffic to your business, you will be happy to work with us. Simple partnership to grow together. 

Our Service Packages

Partner Type A

  • Either create a business listing on our website, or create a website for your embroidery business.

We will work SEO for your business listing.

Partner Type B

  • With creating a business listing on our website, and we will run online advertising for you.

Typical Online Advertising Expectation

  • Google PPC Ads: You will expect 5-12% CTR and $1-2 Average CPC.
  • Facebook/Meta Ads: You will expect 1-3% CTR and $0.4-1 Average CPC.

Notice: For all of the services, we only target local audiences of your business location. We do not do national targeting.

Before working with us…

Learn How I did it?

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